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Is a Garden a Life or is Life a Garden - continued

A garden is more than food and flowers. A garden is a pool of unknowable depth. You will draw from it and always find what you need.

(You might want to read my last blog post before continuing.)

What do you need from your garden today?

  • nourishment - the best grocery store is the one outside your door. Growing (some of) our own food is a surefire way to savor the freshest, most nutritious food on Planet Earth. It cuts expenses and reduces our carbon footprint too.

  • escape—I can spend hours among plants and pollinators without noticing time passing. I get lost in the zen of my garden (except with slugs & snails - I’m not so zen about them.)

  • creative outlet—after years of conforming to traditional corporate cultures it is a joy to choose colors, shapes, textures and create designs that please me and don't have to follow anyone else's standards or brand constraints. Gardens are living three dimensional collages.

  • relief by tree leaf—improving the world for pollinators, birds and other wildlife improves their lives and ours too. You don’t need scientists to tell you the great outdoors make us feel better. Nothing improves a mood or clears a cluttered mind like time outdoors.

  • learning by being—gardens teach patience if we are willing to embark on the journey. They teach us to appreciate biodiversity, and they help us to slow down and reconnect with nature.

  • on-demand spa—tending a garden is great motivation to exercise and spend time outdoors in the fresh air. Relaxing in tranquil surroundings should be the reward of every gardener.

Every garden is as unique as the thumbprint of its caretaker. Yet every garden offers up these gifts.

Maybe that’s why gardens are a universal balm, a source of escape, equilibrium and energy.

There’s something for everyone in a garden. Enjoy the gifts you find there.

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