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Lively Garden Speaker

"Wow, I can't believe an hour has gone by!" That's what I want you to say after I address your group. No matter if it's in person or on the Internet, my goal is to engage the audience to the fullest, to get them thinking about familiar topics in new ways and asking lots of questions.



Monarch on zinnia.jpeg

Pollinator-Perfect Gardens

Pollinator plant lessons in my garden, how to find “true” pollinator plants and ways to avoid misleading sales tactics. 

60 minutes


Why and How to Start Your Living Yard

Reasons & methods to convert (portions of) lawns to gardens with native plants that benefit birds, bees and wildlife. Sod removal tips too.

60 minutes

Lacy Japanese Maple in snow.jpeg

Putting the Garden to Bed in Fall

Gentle methods of fall maintenance that safeguard pollinators and protect soil life

60 minutes

Gardening Shears

Fearless Pruning

(60-min slide presentation, 30-min Q&A) Allows ample discussion time on a topic many find challenging; extensive slide notes.

90 minutes


Waking Up the Garden in Spring

Gentle practices that safeguard pollinators, preserve natural material and enhance soil quality. 

60 minutes


Container Garden Design Tips & Trends

Workshop (60-min slide presentation, 10-min Q&A, 20-min potting demo or hands-on). I bring an array of less common but practical containers. There's sure to be a solution for everyone, no matter the amount of space available

90 minutes

Removing Weeds

Wicked and wonderful weeds…and what to do about them

A popular talk! 60-minute slide presentation + 30 min. Q&A
2-part talk: show & tell of common weeds (I bring these, as well as several tools) & how-tos of organic control methods.
Attendees encouraged to bring weeds for identification

90 minutes

Organic Compost

How-to's of Easy Home Composting

(45-min slide presentation, 15-min Q&A.)

60 minutes

Our own lettuce salad.jpeg

Grow An Organic Vegetable Garden

A 4-hour class or abbreviated 75-min overview.




75 minutes


Dahlias: Not Your Momma’s Passé Flowers

(75-min slide presentation, 15-min Q&A)
Luscious graphics, the explosive revival of this old-fashioned flower, growing tips, today’s most popular cultivars & where to find them.

90 minutes

Flower Bulb

Bulbs: the Bold & the Beautiful 

(30-min slide presentation, 30-minute hands-on potting up) or interactive 60-minute talk. Best timed when spring-flowering bulbs are available for sale.

60 minutes

Blue Jay

Winging It — Gardening for Birds and Wildlife

75-minute slide presentation, allowing 15 minutes Q&A
Beautiful photos of birds and plants that provide shelter and food for our avian visitors.

75 minutes

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